We went for a consultation yesterday. Since my last miscarriage I have been under the care of the miscarriage clinic at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. The care I have received there has been from our perspective mixed in terms of how useful and supportive we have found it to be. So over the last few months I have been waiting for my results which came, and good news is that there is nothing sinister going on with the blood tests that they ran. The consultant said I should have a Hysteroscopy just to complete the cycle of tests and after finding out that a date for this still isn’t even anywhere near close on the NHS, I looked into my BUPA care at work and went for a private consultation which luckily is covered.

Through the last few interactions I have had with different services, I have felt that the details of what has happened to me haven’t been heard. I just haven’t felt as comfortable feeling understood as I had been with my fertility consultation and supporting midwifery staff. During the course of being referred over to the private consultation I saw a letter which I hadn’t previously seen a copy of which detailed the view of the registrar I saw at my last appointment. In the letter, it said that aside from my miscarriages, I had had failed round of IVF. This just isn’t true. We haven’t said at any time we have had failed IVF treatment. We have had one cycle of IVF and it was successful. The fact that such a big mistake that is at the moment on my medical records underlined for me that I am not being heard. I have since written to my doctor to have this corrected but the letter coming through underlined in black and white a feeling of not being fully heard or supported by the services that are supposed to have my back.

The private consultation was good. I am having a Hysteroscopy with a consultant at Nuffield Hospital before Christmas. I took some advice on additional vitamins I could be taking and have ordered them for me and hubbie. I have discounted some advice too. Some of going through this process is about staying true to yourself and your instincts. Everyone you meet will have advice on what you should be doing. Only you will know whether something feels right to you. Blocking out the white noise is something that is so hard to do, but essential to your well-being.

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